How Getting Hurt Can Be Your Secret Weapon | SuperMan Mindset no.5

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Have you ever done something obviously stupid to test yourself?

I did.

It was on holiday and I decided to test my pain threshold. I put my hand on a burning stove.

I remember very clearly the rush of pain from my hand to my brain. It was like an electric wave rushing.

This was followed by agonising hours of misery.

I thought I could test my abilities and instead I learned that body is actually an extremely complex machine and we are definitely not in control of it.

I also learned that we have built in mechanisms within us that seek to protect us.

Where I thought it would be impressive to be able to control pain, my body thought “Why the hell is this fool trying to burn his hand?”

An Inbuilt Alarm

Guess what boys, we are built with a fire alarm system.

When things seem to go wrong our bodies quickly feed this back to our mind.

If you get hurt by something, your body says “Watch out there’s danger here”, only you feel “ouch!

Similarly when you get insulted, jealous, broken up with, ignored, fired, excluded etc, your body internally makes you feel it. Here again you go “ouch!”

These alarms don’t seem great when they hurt.

But the truth is without them none of us would be here. You certainly won’t be reading this page if you didn’t learn as a baby the danger of falling down or getting hurt.

Why do we feel Hurt?

Pains are evolutionary survival mechanisms.

When you get hurt physically it means you are doing something which can harm you and you are told quickly to change your behaviour in order to reduce damage and potential death.

When you get hurt mentally it means exactly the same. It means you are doing something wrong and it’s time to change your perspective and your actions.

In that way emotional pain can be one of your biggest secret weapons.

It is your alarm system telling you that you are not yet the Alpha Male and that should spur you to action.

Do you think the Alpha lion gets stressed or worried?

Of course not. He may feel a sudden threat and that feeling, that emotional alarm, will spur him to kill another male who’s trying to take over.

For you to develop a Superman Mindset and become a strong man you need to start acting in the same way.

This is the natural way pain was made to work:

“I feel hurt, I act to eliminate the source”

Sitting around like loser is not acceptable. Stewing when you are angry is futile. Being stressed and not doing anything about it is stupid. Being jealous means it is time to improve your situation.

Likewise if you get fired, it means you need to develop yourself or look for a job that actually interests you and you would love.

Getting dumped means you need to develop your physical or social skills or better yet find a better woman with better virtues.

Sitting around telling yourself how bad you are, stupid or unattractive is unnatural and weak. The only person getting hurt is you.

You can live a powerful life or a weak life, the choice is yours. But it is a choice and you make either case a reality.

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