How to Make Her Feel Attracted to You? | The Attractive Man no.8

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In the last article we learnt the mistake that most guys make.

Instead of having any real effect on women they try to logically display to a woman why she should be with them.

In truth, they should aim to make they want feel something. They need to generate emotions within her.

How can they do this?

As we saw in this article, men are attracted to physical qualities much more strongly than women. What attracts a woman on the other hand is rooted very much in the character of the man.

How easily can physical traits be seen? milliseconds. How quickly can character traits be seen? much much longer

What makes it more difficult is that character traits are judged based on a person’s behaviour and a guy’s behaviour is prone to change.

What is a woman looking for? the character traits of Decisiveness, Initiative, Dominance and Assertiveness


How women gouge your Attractiveness?

We men have it easy.

All we need to do it look at a girl and we know if we find her hot. Sometime even a side glance is all that is needed.

Women on the other hand have a much harder life.

Don’t get me wrong, women still check out guys and will still be able to decide if a guy is physically attractive or not quickly.

But the feeling of attraction within a woman is likely to have to wait until she can find the above manly traits.

How does she judge this?


Believe it or not we are constantly communicating with everyone around us. We do this by various forms, in the way we talk but also the way we move, hold ourselves and the way we affect others.

When a woman judges a man she essentially taps into a mode where she determines his position and abilities. The way others react to you and the way you carry yourself.

A woman, at least subconciously, is asking herself “is he a leader?”

Pickup artists can teach you methods to trick women to being temporarily attracted to you. But the jig will be up when you revert to your old ways.


The way you carry yourself relates to your body language, which I will hopefully explore in a new articles series, as well as the way you chase your goals.

Body language is based on the way you walk, stand up, look at someone, position yourself and so on. The way you chance your goals can be in the way you verbally communicate.

A strong Man will walk with purpose taking strong strides. He will look unflinchingly into peoples eyes, take up more space around him and generally own the room with his presence. When he talks he does so slowly, smoothly and with purpose. No stuttering or uncertainty. He will have an agenda and pursue it regardless of obstacles.


The surrounding reactions to a man are the other thing women will judge. This will be how you are perceived and acted to by others. This will be affected by the way you carry yourself in a large part. Some call this social proof.

The established Man can walk into a place he is familiar with and be socialised with and respected instantly. The Man who approaches a new environment can generate social proof by establishing himself there.

In the early days of my education in this area I remember feeling awkward at clubs for example. I later learned that instead of just approaching girls I should learn to ‘work the room’. So I would walk around introduce myself to people as I get a drink from the bar, make friend with some guys and dance for fun. My mood quickly changed and the environment became much more enjoyable for me. As I would walk back to the bar I would greet new friends and join others. Within an hour of being in this environment I gained social proof.

This is something we should do too in our daily lives. If anything it will only enhance our lives with those that surround us.


The more we practice how to carry ourselves as men and others’ reactions to us, the better will we be perceived by women and the greater attraction we will generate.

As you can see, most of this is controlled by your behaviour. When women see strong behaviour traits, they feel attraction. If they are genuine, this attraction will last.

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