How to have an Irresistible Lifestyle? | The Attractive Man no.6

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So we’ve worked on being Attractive

We know that to be attractive we must possess a few personality traits which in turn govern how we act in our daily life and how we act to others.

The mind forms the plan and the body acts on it.

In order to be convey our attractiveness we therefore need to show it through our actions.

You live your life moment by moment.

How you live it is called your lifestyle.

One guy can be a bum with no job, no hobbies no friends and no purpose. That is his lifestyle choice.


Another Man can have a business he is passionate about, go kayaking and paintballing on the weekends and meet various friends every few days socially or in events. Thas is his lifestyle choice.

Which of these two lifestyles would you rather have?

And (guess what?!) which of these two will women be drawn to?

I have not mentioned what the two fellas look like. I have not mentioned what part of the world they live in. Nor did I say anything on how much money they make or how smart or stupid they are.

All I did was mention the way they live. You can have a magentic lifestyle wherever and whoever you are.

The poor third world country Man who has a small farm and toils it daily, hangs out with his buddies every other day and likes to build stuff will be way more attractive than some rich boy who sits around all day lazily in front of the TV or in his jacuzzi whilst having no real ambition or purpose.

You think I may have simplified things a bit but really consider this for a moment.

If you were born very rich and did not have to work a second in your life, would you be happy? What would be the use of you? what purpose will you have?

Now if you did something with your life that is a different matter.

But then you would be proving my point. When you do something with your life, when you go out there with a mission, be it make friends, have fun hobbies, build business or make a difference, you strive to make your lifestyle interesting.

Then you are already on the path to creating for yourself a magnetic lifestyle.

Such a lifestyle attracts people to you. Whether they be business partners, client friends or… women.

This is another way some men in long term relationships make their women lose interest in them.

When they met her in the beginning of their relationship, they had magnetic lifestyles. They started risky businesses, they rode motorcycles, they went on wild trips arounf the world.

But when once they decided to settle down, the man lost his verve in life. He became comfortable.

For the ‘wife’ or ‘kids’ he took that safe and boring job.

He gave up his hobby of riding leisurely.

He stopped building stuff or trying to run a business.

He even stopped meeting his friends.

His magnetic lifestyle lost all the magnetism and became a cheap hunk of metal.

Relationships should not be about sacrifice. They should be about growth and development.

The man should keep at the business he is passionate about, he should keep riding maybe on a hobbyist racing track, he should definitely hang out with his friends and play sports.

At all points of your life you should strive to develop and maintain a magnetic lifestyle.


This is actually what you want to do!

This is the little voice in your head going “I wish I could work around the globe next to swimming pools or by the beach”, “I wish I went for siestas and woke up to steak dinners with loads of buddies” or “I wish I could go on wild trips every weekend”.

That voice tells you how you should be living.

Why would you instead be listening to a voice that says “stay longer in work” with no real benefit to yourself or “no one likes me I should just stay at home all weekend binge watching shows until a new miserable week starts”

Everybody wants you to have a magnetic lifestyle and you want it the most.

The funny thing is, that once you develop it women will be instantly more attracted to you.

They will perceive you as someone fun and exciting. They will want to meet you and hang out with you.

And so the snowball will keep on rolling, growing by the moment.

By developing a magnetic lifestyle you eliminate needy and hung up on a girl.

Instead of focusing on one woman, instead of being attracted to her, your lifestyle becomes the magnet itself and draws people to you who depend ion you, who need you.

When you don’t have an interesting lifestyle you instead divert your attention to women. When you meet a women or are in the surroundings of women you behaviour shows to them that you are only interested in them. You show that you need them.

“Why?” the women think “because this guy has nothing more important in his life”

You show her that all you are interested in is women and if you are so hungry for it, then you must not be getting it so much.

That doesn’t sound very attractive does it?

Women want an ambitious Man. They want a Man who has dreams and goals. They want someone who will make their life an adventure, not the other way around.

As we saw before, a Man is the initiator. The Woman will make thing go, she will make them work, but the man needs to start the cycle.

If you don’t bring the spark into the relationship, what do you expect the girl to work on and to develop?

Rather than just showing you are busy or pretend to have an interesting life, actually develop a magnetic lifestyle.

Go out there, develop hobbies, start business, make new friends, make new projects, build stuff and go on trips.

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