LOGIC vs. EMOTION – The Secret of Attraction | The Attractive Man no.7

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Did you ever see the Cadbury Gorilla advert?

We get a closeup of a Gorilla’s face. He closes his eyes listening to Phil Collins’s ‘In the air tonight’.

His emotions are clear as he moves to the melody. His nostrails flare and his eye open an shut very much enjoying the moment.

The shot zooms out. The gorilla seems to be preparing for something. He is psyching himself up.

He curls his lip. The shot continues to zoom as he cracks his neck, revealing him to bit in a purple box, sitting in front of a drum kit.

He takes a final breath and TA TA TA… suddenly he passionately drums along to the song, his whole body heaving.

Soon the shot turns purple revealing a chocolate bar.

you can see it here


What were the advertisers trying to do?

Why does this particular advert, along with a select few others, manage to stick to our minds?

In university they call this Brand Communication.

What does brand communication tell us?

Make your audience FEEL!

That is it. Doesn’t matter how you do it as long as you convey a feeling in them. That will create a reaction with them depending on the message you try to send.

But they will definitely register it rather than ignore it.

Why are most car or insurance adverts so ineffective? Because they fail to make us feel.

They try to logically persuade us that their car can change their world. They try to tell us we cannot live without their insurance.

Well guess “You can’t convince me” you say. And you are right.

Have you ever tried to convince someone of something?

You would list out facts and create logical arguments. Where did you get? Nowhere?

That is because as humans we don’t choose with our ‘brains’, we choose with our ‘heart’.

Many studies have been done on this, look them up.

What the studies found is that when given a choice, in the split second of choice a person examines how they feel about something.

Any logical argument for choosing is a post-rationalisation.

That means that when you choose something you do it with emotions and only after you try to explain why.


What does this mean with women?

It means that the secret to attraction is in making a woman feel!

You can shout all the logical reasons why a woman should be with you. You can convince her that you are smart, successful, rich, good looking or whatever else.

But at the end of the day it will mean nothing if you don’t develop any emotions or feelings within her.


Why are women attracted to badboys?

Badboys are guys seem to treat a woman badly. They treat her like a floorwipe, they get her into trouble, they do not act very gentlemany and generally pay her no respect.

Yet despite this rubbish treatment some women go back to the badboy time and time again. All the while you think “WHY?”. If it was you, you would treat her like a queen, you would take care of her, you would protect her and cater to her every need. And yet she doesn’t seem interested in you at all.

Is it because she wants to fix this guy?

Is it because she likes to be abused?

The hard truth is, this Badboy makes her feel. He does not make her think.

Imagine you see a beautiful perfect bodied woman, you will have strong feelings towards her. Even if you were told that she is a horrible person it will be hard to eliminate that attraction. Emotions within you defeat Logic.

Some guys at this point say “Well if that is the case I’ll just treat women badly”

Becoming a misogynist is not the answer. If you are a good guy and were raised in a loving home why change because someone seems more successful?

Hopefully you grew up with parents who loved you. Why would you go around and disrespect and hate women, just like the one that gave birth to you and raised you?

No, instead realise that it is time for you to try to generate feelings in the women you like.

When you meet a new woman what do you do?

Do you start a conversation and bombard her with information? use logical arguments to convince her of your worth? ask her boring questions everyone asks?

90% of communication is non-verbal!

Shocking! you have been trying to conquer hearts with 10% of your abilities.

That means that if your logic is truly excellent you have a 10% chance success rate.


It’s time to feel

In order to attract women you must at all times generate feelings, right?!

When you walk into a room your behaviour already generates it. A confident strides and strong manly traits already lay a good base of emotions.

As you catch her eye and keep her gaze, you generate excitement and anxiety. As you come up to her you are generating fear.

When you talk, your attitude can make her feel joy, sadness, confusion and a multitude of emotions.

These all generate strong attraction.

If you suddenly started dryly talking about politics, not as some innuendo but literally spoke about parliament, what do you think will happen to her attraction?

That is correct, it will plummet.

In the next articles we will see how to generate feelings and emotions in the way we act, walk, talk and look.

The point to realise here is that if you have been using logic with women it may be one of your biggest mistakes.

Instead you should always make a woman feel.

The badboy makes a woman feel desire then intimacy, anger, mystery and sorrow. He takes her for a emotional rollercoaster ride.

You do not need to be bad to be good with women.

You only need to make her feel!

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