MANLIFY was set up to help men be men again. To take over their lives with a new energy, to set up businesses, to be fearless and to naturally and effortlessly attract people to them in all aspects of their lives. For some it may even mean taking them from boys and making them MEN.


In our modern society today, living in a sedentary age, men have grown accustomed to comfort and indulgence. For many this means living domesticated and feminised lives which destroy a man’s fulfilment, attraction and quality of life. You are getting this because you want to better yourself as a Man and take control.

HOW can MANLIFY possibly do that?

When I was in school in my early teens I moved school. Unfortunately one of my so called friends decided to briefly bully me due to my not being able to speak English fluently at the time. I was down and scared for a little while until I decided to get some martial arts lessons. A few weeks later I kicked his ass. At that moment I learned a valuable lesson. Life will challenge you and to become a man you must learn to take action and control. Later when I reached highschool and university and even the workplace I had similar experiences whether with people, work, situations, women etc etc. At each situation I learned different strategies and ideas which slowly developed me into a man. This I would like to share with you and through the articles, advice, ideas you will read and act on you will become an empowered man once again and enjoy life to the full.


Here are articles turning boys into MEN

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Here are many BUSINESS IDEAS to turning poor into RICH

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Essentially this is for all men. Whether you are feeling weak and disrespected or are a Casanova, MANLIFY aims to give you the tools to upgrade yourself. For some this will mean finding ways to be more attractive, for others how to be smarter or for others yet it may give business ideas to inspire independence and wealth. Whoever you are, the goal of life is to be even better and this is how you can become continually happy.

WHEN & WHERE can I do this?

Thanks to the power of the internet and our ever changing lifestyles you can do this at any time and anywhere. Where others choose to slouch in front of their laptops and stream videos, you can read and then act upon the lessons and ideas you will learn from MANLIFY.